How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth for a Brighter Smile?

People with severely stained teeth may require more treatments to get their teeth to the desired shade of white. In-office teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Dentists suggest getting whitening treatment once a year to maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Bleaching your teeth

too often can lead to enamel wear and tear and other oral health issues.

It is recommended that patients avoid whitening their teeth too frequently, as excessive whitening can cause sensitivity problems and make teeth appear translucent. We suggest whitening your teeth only once a year, either professionally or at home. Over-bleaching can cause hypersensitivity problems or make your teeth look translucent. The benefit of using professional whitening is that the results usually last for about a year. This means that you won't need to touch up or use another whitening system due to the drastic change when using a professional whitening option. Home teeth whitening treatments, such as trays and strips, are effective when there are only a few shades of stain left to remove.

We can recommend in-office teeth whitening to help you achieve your ideal smile, based on your treatment goals and preferences. Professional teeth whitening performed in the dentist's office is recommended once a year or every 18 months, depending on the duration of the results. John's dentists will create custom whitening trays and provide you with all the tools and instructions you need for effective whitening at home. If you are using commercial whitening strips or a home kit from your dentist, most dental professionals recommend touching up every 3 or 4 months or after every dental cleaning. Generally speaking, it's good practice to return to the dentist for teeth whitening services about once a quarter or once every three months.

However, the results of take-home whitening kits or store-bought whitening strips don't last as long. This way, the dentist can check your teeth and see if there are any problems that could be hidden due to the whitening effects. Regular smoking will cause your teeth to turn yellow and completely nullify the work of the whitening procedure. If you want to know how often you can whiten your teeth with strips, you might need something stronger. To maintain a bright smile, it is best to avoid bleaching your teeth too often. We recommend that you only whiten your teeth once a year, either professionally or at home.

This helps prevent sensitivity problems and creates a natural-looking smile. Professional in-office whitening is recommended once a year or every 18 months, depending on the duration of the results.

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